Dua Lipa goes viral for saying a Venezuelan rudeness

dua lipa

The British artist Dua Lipa became a trend this Friday on social networks after saying a well-known Venezuelan profanity: “Mother’s pussy.”

In a viralized video on Twitter you can see the singer of “Levitating” enjoying with friends. Then one of the guests addresses a few words that capture her attention and responds with the phrase.

After pronouncing it, the singer and her companions laughed out loud, some even repeated it.

All kinds of comments were generated on the Internet, some wondering about the context of the situation and others discussing the origin of the expression.

Sued by Miguel Bosé

The lawyers of the composers L. Russell Brown and Sandy Linzer filed a lawsuit against Dua Lipa for an alleged plagiarism in “Levitating” of their songs “Wiggle and Giggle all night” (1979) and “Don Diablo” (1980), performed by Miguel Bosé and in which he also appears as co-author.

“The infringing works have compositional elements substantially similar to those of the songs by Brown and Linzer,” the lawsuit states, according to Europa Press from the specialized magazine rolling stone.

For the plaintiffs, “most significantly” is that the main melody in “Levitating” is “a duplicate” of the opening melody of the songs of both composers.

The lawsuit also cites some examples of music journalist reviews of “Levitating” in which it was compared to “Wiggle and Giggle All Night”, as well as a TikTok video with 363,000 views that pointed out the similarities between the songs.

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