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It’s a good goaliein fact, a great archer, but their attitudes are far from the sport spiritcould point out as the great premise when referring to Emiliano “Dibu” Marinezthe goalkeeper World Champion with Argentina in Qatar 2022.

One of the main heroes of the third world star of the albicelestefrom the Final in view of France in it Lusail Stadiumbut above all for his behavior in the penaltieshe became a character who hardly elicits sympathy.

Teasing, foul play, phrases against rivals, all of this has sentenced him and has put him in the public eye, in a negative sense, and this could even cause him to be not pleasant in the football environment.

What did Unai Emery say about the Argentina goalkeeper?

Between english press ensures that it is not a secret that the goalkeeper is not liked by the Spanish coach of his club in the Premier League, Unai Emeryprecisely because of their controversial celebrations and attitudes that overwhelm rivals.

Even Emery himself acknowledged that a serious conversation awaits the trans-Andean on his return to Birmingham.

“When you have great emotions it is difficult to control. I’ll talk to him next week about some celebrations. I respect because now he is with his team. When you are with us, under our responsibility, we can talk to him”, assured the Iberian helmsman.

As detailed by the Fichajes portal, Unai’s patience with Martínez reached its limit and he wants him away from the teamso they could negotiate it with the Bayern Munichclub of the bundesliga who has shown interest in taking over their services.

Aston Villa would already have the substitute for Dibu Martinez

The coach of the English team has his sights on having the current Sevilla goalkeeperwho will also shine with Morocco in the last world Cup.

Bond aims as the chosen one to occupy the goal of the Villa Park. Its price would be around €40 millionaffordable amount for a club of the Premier.

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