DT and Espanyol players give the worst news to César Montes before 2023

DT of Espanyol, César Montes and players.
DT of Espanyol, César Montes and players.

César Montes was acquired by Espanyol in order to help the Spanish solve their defensive problems, since they have more goals conceded than scored and that puts them close to the relegation zone.

The ‘Cachorro’ will seek to consolidate in LaLiga at 25 years of age, which some consider late because he could have been playing since he was younger in Europe. However, the reality is this and now Montes must quickly adapt to the ideas of the Espanyol coach if he wants to win ownership.

More news from the Mexican National Team:

Jorge Campos and the European club that would surprisingly sign him as DT

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The Mexican central defender showed in the World Cup that he has enough skills to transcend against important teams, since, despite the fact that the Mexican National Team failed, César was one of the few who did his job well.

What is the bad news that they would give Montes?

In their most recent match, Espanyol managed to draw with Barcelona at one goal and showed important defensive solidity with Leandro Cabrera and Sergi Gómez as starters. This becomes more important when remembering that this game is the Barcelona Derby and is more important for the fans, so Montes will have to work hard and earn a place in the starting lineup.

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