Drug dealer Sebastian Marcet sent a video to the media thanking the police for warning him to flee.

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Sebastian Marcet, 32, is wanted in Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay and the US. Photo source: video shooting facebook.com/GrupoELDEBER

Drug trafficker Sebastian Marcet, who is an international manhunt being pursued by the police of several South American countries, including Interpol and the Drug Enforcement Administration, sent a video to the media thanking the Bolivian police for warning about the arrest attempt and thus managed to escape, reports the BBC.

On Saturday, Bolivian officers broke into the home of 32-year-old Sebastian Marcet, who is wanted in Uruguay, as well as in Brazil, Paraguay and the United States. But Marcet managed to escape.

He then sent the media a video thanking the police for the tip that saved him from arrest: “Thanks to the director of FELCN – Special Forces for Combating Illicit Drug Trafficking – I managed to escape because he warned me that an arrest warrant had been issued against me; because whoever ran this did it wrong, and because it hurts innocent people who have nothing to do with it, I want it to be known.”

The Bolivian police deny they told him about it and are still looking for him. FELCN director Ismael Wilka vehemently denied having warned Marcet.

“I won’t let a 30-year career be tarnished by the lies and claims of a drug dealer”Mr. Wilka said, adding that the police acted “impeccably”.

More than 2,250 police officers have been sent to look for Marcet, but so far they have not caught him.

The 32-year-old is accused of running an international drug cartel known as the PCU, or First Uruguayan Cartel, that smuggles cocaine from Paraguay through Uruguay into Europe.

He was also named by the President of Colombia as a suspect in ordering the assassination of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci, who was killed in Colombia.

Pecci played a key role in “A Ultranza Py”, the largest anti-cocaine trafficking and money laundering operation in Paraguay’s history. Prosecutors say he was killed in retaliation for shutting down a lucrative criminal business.

Bolivian authorities claim that Sebastian Marcet entered their country shortly after being named as a suspect who allegedly paid off Marcelo Pecci’s killers.

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