Driver at High Speed Passes “Mega-Megapixels” and Has an Accident in Mazatlán

The car ended up with material damage, the driver was injured and his two companions, fortunately, escaped the accident unscathed

On Avenida Camarón Sábalo, a speeding driver was injured when he did not see the ” mega scopes ” that are located in that area, so he lost control and his vehicle ended up with material damage equivalent to several miles of pesos.

In Mazatlán, Sinaloa, a motorist accompanied by two women who were fortunately unharmed was passing through the main and tourist avenue of the port where there are too high caps that made him lose control and caused a minor accident.

At dawn this Sunday, the city’s Traffic and Municipal Police authorities arrived at the scene of the accident to learn of what happened, taking charge of carrying out the corresponding expert opinion to review the accident’s occurrence.

It is worth mentioning that at that time of the morning no other vehicle was circulating in the sense to which the car was transported, which hit the “mega-megaphones” that have caused a commotion in the inhabitants and visitors of the port of Mazatlán.

Although the driver was speeding the accident did not happen to major, nor were there any human losses to regret, since only the driver was injured.

Mazatlán Transit picked up the car that was removed from the scene with the support of a crane and moved to the municipal pension, located in the Valle del Ejido neighborhood of the port so that after declaring the event it would be delivered to the motorist.

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