Drew Barrymore explains why he doesn’t buy his daughters Christmas presents

On many occasions, Christmas is synonymous with excesses. In fact, many celebrities boast on their social networks of their decoration and the tree full of gifts. However, this is not the case of Drew Barrymore, who has confessed that He does not give his daughters anything for Christmas.

The actress has two beautiful daughters. with her former partner Will Kopelman, Frankie, 8, and Olive, 10. But despite his young age, they won’t open any presents on the 25th in the morning. This has been confessed by Drew Barrymore in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, and has explained why.

A slightly peculiar family tradition

The actress has explained throughout the interview that she does not give away material things, but rather something very different:

I always take them on trips Christmas. I don’t give them gifts, and although at their age they don’t love this decision, I always tell them: ‘We will remember the place, the photos and the experience, and that is what I want to give you,'” Barrymore said.

The actress believes that moments spent as a family are much more valuable than any material object. In addition, Drew insisted that his daughters really do not need more things, even if it is Christmas: “They receive a lot of things throughout the year, I’m not a strange, strict and cold mom. I really feel that the best gift is a memory for life.”

In short, just because Drew Barrymore doesn’t buy his daughters Christmas presents, doesn’t mean he becomes the Grinch. Simply, as he explained, “I’d rather invest in experiences than in a dollhouse or something. It all balances out this way.”

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