Drew Barrymore creates controversy for his way of eating pizza… or not eating it

There are those who take it and bite it without further ado, those who fold it lengthwise, those who use a knife and fork… there are many ways to eat a pizza, but that of the actress Drew Barrymore is one of the most peculiar and the most controversial Well, its popularity so that many have an opinion on the matter.

In a video uploaded by the actress to TikTok, she can be seen in front of a pizza box, from which she extracts a slice that she later turns onto a plate. Yes, separate the cheese and ingredients from the dough base, which you then discard, mixing the first with a little salad.

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“I’m sure people will say‘how dare you do this to a pizza?‘, I get it, I feel very guilty about that,” Barrimore says in the video.

“But I just take the top of the pizza and some salad, which basically has the same ingredients as the pizzaand then I make a pizza salad,” he explains as he mixes everything on the plate, the base already discarded.

“Actually it is really crunchy and delicious,” he defends about the dish he has just created, assuring that it has “the satisfaction of eating a pizza”and drops that it is for being “intolerant to gluten…”.

Yes, soon can’t resist the temptation and takes a bitesmall, to another slice of pizza, this time with a bit of the dough included.

The comments on his video range from disbelief to solidarity. “Drew, I’m filing a lawsuit on behalf of pizza.“Says one user while another is shocked:” Drew nooooooo How dare you do this to a pizza? “Life is too short, love! Just eat the pizza!” urged another.

But apparently the actress is not the only one who rules out the base. Others agreed that she should have eaten the pizza, with one person saying, “Great idea, Drew!” and other “i do the same…now they have crustless pizza…i love it“. “I do this all the time” and “OMG I just did this the other day!” were other comments.

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