Drew Barrymore believed ET was real and was talking to him

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In the 1980s, the film was released ET. which became a classic of the seventh art due to to the tender story and an ending that surely made more than one cry. In this film directed by Steven Spielberg, Drew Barrymore participated when she was a child and recently the famous revealed that she believed that the alien was real.

Through his YouTube channel, Drew Barrymore spoke with the actors who participated in the film and told them that she believed that ET. it was real and that she even felt great love for him.

“I thought ET was real. I really loved him in a very deep way. What would have happened? Because I would have taken him to lunch.”

Following the revelation of Drew Barrymore, Henry Thomas, who played Elliot, said that on one occasion the famous he asked a wardrobe person to give him a scarf to wrap the alien up.

“The first thing I remember is that we were on the set and it was a little cold. You asked the locker room girl if she could pass you a neck scarf from ET because she was going to get cold, so you wrapped the scarf around her neck.”

On the other hand, Dee Wallace-Stone, an actress who played the mother of the brothers who took care of ETdetailed the sweet gesture that Steven Spielberg had when he found out that little Drew Barrymore believed the alien was real and who even talked to him.

“We found you there talking to ET, so we told Steven (Spielberg) and Steven from then on appointed two guys to keep ET alive so when you went to talk to him, he could react to you.”


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