Draymond Green and Ja Morant spark each other and heat up the Golden State Warriors rivalry


The 2022 NBA Playoffs series between the Golden State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies seems to have left a fire burning because Draymond Green and Ja Morant hit it all on social media.

Ja Morant jumps in front of Draymond Green.
© Justin Ford/Getty ImagesJa Morant jumps in front of Draymond Green.

Almost two months passed Golden State Warriors already won the NBA Finals 2022 to consecrate himself champion and end the Playoffs and the season, but the series before memphis grizzlies It still left sequels and the tension that existed did not dissipate.

It was in the second round, Golden State won 4-2 and Ja Morant he was injured in the second match and was unable to continue. However, it was without a doubt the hottest series of the postseason, where even Stephen Curry He was involved in some controversy.

Now, Morant himself, figure of the young Grizzlies, and Draymond Green, which does not stop generating controversy on Twitter, sparks were removed in that social network and heated up a very strange rivalry; the current dynasty against the youngest and most surprising team in the league.

Ja Morant vs. Draymond Green

First, after some comments from Klay Thompson against Jaren Jackson Jr.., Morant explained that GSW still has the Grizzlies in mind. On the other hand, Green told him that they changed that “concern” for a bigger one in Boston, where they won the ring.

Ja then proposed a Warriors-Grizzlies at Memphis Stadium for Christmas, to which Draymond told him that the champions play at home on that date, and the point guard accepted the challenge: I come to you then. Tell them to book that shit. I’m in your zone.”

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