Double horn !: Charly López confesses that Ingrid Coronado was unfaithful to him | News from Mexico

MEXICO CITY.- During this Monday, Charly León was present in the program “De Primera Mano”, where revealed strong secrets of their controversial relationship with his ex-wife, TV Azteca host Ingrid Coronado.

To the surprise of many, the former Garibaldi confessed that his past partner, whom he divorced 17 years ago, He was unfaithful with a famous soccer player and a television sales executive you currently work for.

The singer was questioned by the entertainment journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante about the alleged infidelities of the host, and after a moment of silence, decided to confess the truth and make it clear that it had happened. Worst of all, Coronado cheated on him twice.

It is true, he was unfaithful to me with him and with another person who worked in the television station, not with an executive, but with someone who handled the sales of a program, with Fernando del Solar, “he said for the Imagen Televisión program.

For its part, the presenter asked for the name of the person with whom Ingrid Coronado was unfaithful, but Charly López refused because he is a married person, so he asked the drivers of “De Primera Mano” not to mention it.

Likewise, the singer narrated that one day he found the subject with whom his ex-wife cheated on him at the airport, so decided to confront him and asked him not to approach Ingrid again.

Even López added that the driver asked for forgiveness, but he did not accept her apology and decided to proceed with the divorce.

When we got to the house he told me: ‘Forgive me, I watered it, excuse me’. And I said: ‘There is no problem, go’. But the truth is that I never forgave her and that is why the divorce continued, “said Charly.

Once the singer admitted the rumors and was honest with the program’s presenters and with the public, Gustavo Adolfo Infante showed his respect and made it known to his special guest, and expressed that “for being a gentleman” He preferred not to mention the name of the famous footballer with whom Ingrid was also unfaithful.

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