Dorian Popa has no bank loans and no phone subscription. “I’m poor, I have a card” and “

A year ago, Dorian Pop was invited to Radu Cibulca’s podcast on YouTube. There, the artist made unexpected revelations that have now come to the attention of the media. He enjoys real success not only in his business, but also in the online environment.

Dorian Popa: “Making money is not bad”

For the sake of all this, Dorian Popa refused a luxurious vacation. “You have to want something in life. Everything starts from within you. You cannot do something if you don’t want to. Who do you think will come and set fire to your heart, what to do: gym, money, etc… I’m telling you… everything has to come from within.

After all, making money isn’t that bad, it’s bad to let money turn you into something, to hurt other people for money, to step on corpses to achieve your goals, but making money legally, honestly, there’s nothing to it. bad. “, – said Dorian Popa, who claims that he loses money on vacation, and therefore does not go.

“I don’t think I’ve been on vacation since I worked”

“I don’t have loans, I hate loans, this is my mother’s drama, I still pay her loans because she won’t let me pay them off in full. I don’t even have a phone subscription. I’m poor, I have a card. I don’t think I’ve been on vacation since I started working. I don’t like holidays. Losing money on vacation,” the singer also said.


At the same time, Dorian Popa claims that his physique helped him a lot in his career, in his television contracts. “If I didn’t have this body, I don’t think anyone would hire me to act in films. Objectively speaking, there is hardly a series or film for young people or teenagers in which there would not be an athletic boy in the lead role. It’s a trick, a template invented by the US popes. I am absolutely sure that it would be a failure for me if I gave up fitness, but I still couldn’t,” said the artist.

Its content is very important to him. He goes to the gym not only to have an enviable physique, but also to relieve stress and anxiety. “You have to understand that when I broke my leg in Madagascar, I was thinking how I would do sports, and if my leg had to be amputated, from the knee, how should I deal with a prosthesis, and I went to look for some prostheses, I see how things are dealing with these dentures.

For me, everything is connected with the gym, with sports. And why? Because there I get rid of all negative energies. Without the gym, I would not be able to be a happy person,” said Dorian Popa.

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