Donnarumma confesses his discomfort at PSG for Keylor Navas: ‘Personally it bothers me’ – Ten

The PSG has two of the best goalkeepers in the world fighting for the starting position in his squad, something that keeps the football environment on the lookout, because Keylor Navas and Gianluigi Donnarumma they do not hide that there is a rivalry between the two.

This is entirely football, because the Costa Rican multi-champion of Champions, who arrived in Paris two seasons ago, is the usual starter, being stellar in eight league games and two in the Champions League, just like the European Championship champion, who has played five games in the French championship so far.

The big games of the season, like against him Manchester City or the best duels in France against Lille or Marseille have been played by Donnarumma, who confessed not feeling comfortable competing for the permanent position in the goal of the French super-team.

SEE: Donnarumma clarifies his situation with Keylor Navas at PSG: ” I laughed a lot “

The 22-year-old Italian recognized this Saturday in a talk with TNT Sports that your situation in your PSG It is not easy, since since his debut at the age of 17 at AC Milan he has always been number 1, although this is not something that complicates him to make good presentations when he sees activity with the team of Mauricio Pochettino.

About your competition with Keylor, Donnarumma He said, “It doesn’t interfere with my performance, but it personally bothers me because it’s not easy. As you said, I was always a starter and sometimes it hurts to be on the bench. But I am calm and sure that the situation will be resolved “, commented the best player of the last European Championship.

In September, after his arrival at PSG, the Italian spoke after rumors emerged that he was not happy in his new club because of the situation with Keylor, to which he replied:

“People were talking on social media about my departure from PSG because Navas plays as a starter. I laughed while reading on social media. It’s full of false news! I’m totally happy at PSG, no matter what they talk about, the club He supports me. I would never leave PSG because Navas is a starter. ”

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