Don Mattrick acknowledges mistakes and talks about his failure with Xbox One debut

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Xbox One bounced back in an incredible way almost right at the end of the generation thanks to the arrival of some big games and most of all, because of the release of Xbox Game Pass. However, it is no secret to anyone that the console did not have a good launch or offer the approach that many players expected.

This major setback is primarily attributed to Don Mattrick, who was then in charge of Xbox and the plans for the launch of the console. Several years later, the manager finally decided to talk about his failure and what led to Xbox One falling behind its main competitor.

On the other hand, Mattrick lamented about his departure from Xbox and not having the opportunity to make his vision possible. In fact, the manager was surprised and assured that he would have loved to stay in front of the company.

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Don Mattrick spoke about the poor reception that Xbox One had

How could it be otherwise, Don Mattrick appears several times in Power On: The Story of Xbox, documentary that tells the history of the company as part of the celebrations for its 20 years.

The statements of the former head of Xbox are of course interesting, as it is an important part of the modern history of the company. Mattrick spoke about his original vision for Xbox One, envisioned as more than just a video game console.

The creative assured that his goal was to create a device capable of offering a complete entertainment experience. It was for this reason that during their reveal they not only focused on the game, they also talked about movies, television and more, which cost them a series of harsh criticisms that affected the console throughout the generation.

“We wanted a broad device that touched all parts of gaming and entertainment. For our team to think not only about the games, but also about the television, the movies, the stories that lived within our gaming community, it was something that I believed in, “said Mattrick.

He accepted that he made a few mistakes during his Xbox career and claimed that he could have done a better job of letting people know that they were truly “committed to excellence in games.”

He also spoke of the criticism they received from the community and the press when they unveiled their strategy. He acknowledged that Xbox listened to the comments, as they considered them valid; however, they chose to continue on their way.

“We received rejection from consumers, from some journalists, who questioned us if we had made the right decision as a company. It was a valid criticism, but it was a very binary choice, and we decided to go online,” added Mattrick.

Finally, the former Xbox executive acknowledged that he would have loved the opportunity to stay with the company to “execute the vision and capabilities that the team had created.” The rest is history, as Mattrick left Xbox and Phil Spencer took his place.

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