Dolly Parton explains why she refused to drink tea with Kate Middleton

During a promotional tour for her rock album, Dolly Parton revealed a funny reason why she reacted negatively to being invited by the Princess of Wales.

Few will dare to say out loud that they have declined the royal invitation. But Dolly Parton has nothing to do with these considerations. The country music star, a legend in the United States, is currently on a promotional tour for her latest album, a rock project that has particularly succeeded in reforming the still-living Beatles.

While visiting London, the Queen of Nashville received an offer from the Princess of Wales. On BBC Radio 2, Dolly Parton revealed that Kate Middleton contacted her and asked if she would like to come and have tea with her. “During my visit to London, my God, I was even invited to have tea with Kate, but I couldn’t go,” she explained at first. “I thought it was really nice and nice of him to invite me over and I’m obviously going one of these days, that would be great,” she continued.

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But then she explained why she refused to go to this “tea party”. “She wasn’t going to promote my rock album, so obviously I had to turn it down,” she said. However, after this little humor, she clarified that she actually had very little time for herself when she was in London, “unfortunately not even being able to go to see the city”.

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Meeting with the Queen in 1977

If the invitation of Prince William’s wife Dolly Parton may seem surprising, in fact the singer is already familiar with the British royal family. Their relationship goes back many years. When the death of Elizabeth II was announced in September 2022, the American star recalled her meeting with the last one, dated 1977.

“I had the honor to meet her and speak to Queen Elizabeth II during my trip to London. She stood with grace and strength all her life,” she wrote on Instagram, accompanying this short tribute with a black and white photo of this historic event.

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Dolly Parton attended her Silver Jubilee, a major celebration marking the 25th anniversary of her coronation. The Royal Variety Show, in which the singer “Jolene” performed, took place on May 16, 1977. The event was also attended by the Jackson 5, as well as British comedian Frankie Howard and Scottish singer Sydney Devine.

“When they told me on the plane that I would play in front of the queen, I jumped on the spot to tell everyone. It was simply one of the greatest feelings of my life. When I was little, I grew up in a world of kings and queens, princes and princesses from fairy tales. Now I was going to meet one,” Dolly Parton told the magazine. Glasgow Evening Times “.

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