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On the morning of this Saturday, the director of the Judicial Police, Dijín, the General Fernando Murillo, announced that a printing press dedicated to the production of false Colombian dollars and pesos was dismantled.

“In a criminal investigation work developed with the embassy of USAThrough the secret service agency, a printing company dedicated to counterfeiting foreign and national currency is located in San Cayetano (Norte de Santander), “said General Murillo.

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According to the director of the Dijín, during the procedure a man was captured, apparently in charge of the illicit activity of making and distributing counterfeit currency, which he traded in Venezuela and Central America.

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The detainee, according to the Dijín investigators, had a legally constituted independent company, with which he did printing work for public and private companies, but which at the same time served as a front to try to hide his illegal activities.

At the site, General Murillo said, 622,800 US dollars were seized.
fake, mostly $ 100 denomination; in addition to 116 million false Colombian pesos.

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Similarly, three machines for counterfeiting currency valued at about 30 million pesos and a pistol.

What was your modus operandi?

Dismantling printing press

In the place, 600 thousand dollars and more than 100 million false pesos were found.


Judicial Police, Dijín

The Dijin indicates that it consisted of manufacturing “the counterfeit money only for requests made by the different criminal groups in Central America and Venezuela for alleged cash payments for other illicit actions of said criminal structures.”

To this end, the researchers say, he used bank seals to give greater credibility to the money he elaborated in detail, imitating each and every one of the security elements of national and foreign banknotes.

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It was established that the criminals paid (the captured one) 45 thousand Colombian pesos for each 100 dollar bill that he manufactured and around 20 thousand pesos for each 50 thousand Colombian peso bill.

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The captured one was prosecuted for trafficking, elaboration and possession of elements
intended for the counterfeiting of currency and the manufacture, trafficking, carrying or possession of
firearms, accessories, parts or ammunition.

A guarantee control judge imposed a preventive measure in a prison facility.

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