Does Yanira Berríos charge her fans for photographs? The ex-seller generates controversy and responds

The Salvadoran received numerous comments about an alleged charge for photographs during the inauguration of the Christmas tree in the Plaza al Divino Salvador del Mundo. However, she uploaded a video to TikTok where she denies charges.

The fame of Yanira Berríos would hardly be understood without the use of the word “controversy.” Either for one reason or another, the ex-seller of the Historic Center of San Salvador is in the eye of the hurricane.

If a few weeks ago she was strongly criticized for attacking those who do not consider her famous; This time, it generates thousands of criticisms from Internet users who accuse her of allegedly charging her fans for the photographs.

Last Saturday, the San Martín bakery lit up its Christmas tree to welcome one of the best seasons of the year. As is tradition, the 35-meter tall tree was installed in the Plaza al Divino Salvador del Mundo, in the Salvadoran capital, where many people were present and Berríos did not miss the opportunity to share with his followers.

However, in social networks, some people pointed out that Berríos allegedly requested $ 1.00 from those who approached for a postcard with her, which was captured from the interested party’s cell phone.

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It was in the same publications that the Salvadoran shared about the event, on her official account, where Internet users expressed their dissatisfaction with the alleged charge.

“Kunno 2.0 charges $ 1.00 for the photos right now”, “He is going to want love, at $ 1.00 the photo”, “What a party he had and for those who do not think that he charges $ 1.00 they are lost, they want everything for free”, “He made his December, the girl Yanira ”, reads some comments that grab the attention on the web.

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Yanira responds

In this sense, on Monday night, Berríos uploaded a video to his TikTok account in which he denies that he has made charges.

“There the gossips say that I charge for video and for photos, and I tell them that I do not charge anyone. I don’t even know why they are saying things like that about me ”, defended the TikToker. And he clarified that for advertising he does charge. “I go out to record for my channel,” he mentioned.

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Yanira rose to fame after publishing a video dancing and after the viralization of this content, the former merchant has had to deal with her haters, who live daily commenting on her videos and causing a dispute between those who support her and those who criticize her.

Many of his “followers” consider that his fame has risen and that, because of that, he has lost the humility he had before. While others place it as an example of improvement.

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