Does Nicolás Benedetti return to America? Mazatlán took a clear position regarding the future of the Poet

The Colombian midfielder has found regularity with the Cañoneros, although this tournament ends his loan at the Port.

Benedetti has regained form in Mazatlan.
© picture 7Benedetti has regained form in Mazatlan.

América and Mazatlán have recently become close teams in terms of negotiations, different Mexican and foreign players have gone from the Águilas to the Cañoneros, as has happened now with the case of the Spanish defender Jorge Meréwho will reinforce Gabriel Caballero’s team.

One of the most relevant elements that passed from one squad to another was Nicolás Benedetti, the Colombian midfielder who was unable to shine in El Nido largely due to various injuries he suffered. some of them quite serious that left him without activity for several months.

With the passing of the weeks since his arrival in Mazatlan, the Poet established himself in the team and became an important element in his generation of play. Three goals are what he has achieved with the purple box, where He has already become a regular headline and a trusted item.

Initially, this tournament ends Benedetti’s loan with Mazatlán. That said, he would have to report to Coapa in December; however, in Sinaloa they have seriously considered that this should not be the case. Monumental Eagles was able to confirm that the purple board wants Nicolás to stay with themso they will do everything possible to get their services permanently.


At the moment there have not yet been negotiations aimed at the definitive sale of Nicolás Benedetti; nevertheless, it is a latent possibility that Mazatlan tries to buy his letter and thus, extend their stay with them whenever they have found in him a useful player in their institution.

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