Does Luis Miguel have financial problems? This says Toño Mauri

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Luis Miguel gave what to talk about was in serious financial trouble And if that wasn’t enough, he was also about to lose an arm for not having gone to therapy when it was due. Now, the actor and friend of “El Sol”, Toño Mauri, denied that information.

“I don’t think (that he is bankrupt), he has a team, he put together a very interesting team, very solid, I don’tor I think he has that situation, as far as I know, personally, he is not in that situation. I hope not, because he has done a great job with everything that has come through the series, the tour he had was a very successful tour,” he said in an interview for the “Sale el Sol” program.

Was Luis Miguel going to lose an arm?

On the supposed problem that “El Sol” had in his arm, the actor said: “As far as I know, Toño Mauri. I didn’t know, I don’t have a record of ‘I have a problem with my arm’, never”.

Toño Mauri revealed that Luis Miguel has plans to return to the artistic environment. “What I do know is that he is very motivated, he is looking for songs, man! It is Luis Miguel, so what we want is for more things to come out, especially music

“The last time we saw each other was in one… it’s because they are talks that you don’t talk about work or… you take advantage of the fact that they are few and good, and you dedicate yourself more to talking about personal situations, jokes, he is very nice, when you talk to him he is very nice, “he said.

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