Does drinking plenty of water help you lose weight?

We often hear that water is the key to burning calories and reducing your appetite. However, according to an American researcher, this does not help to lose weight directly. Explanations.

Do you want to lose weight for health reasons or improve your well-being? In your search for the most effective nutrition tips, you may have come across the following advice:drink as much water as possible“.

Water is the perfect ally lose size because it will help to burn calories AND reduce appetite. But these claims are actually myths, says Duane Mellor, a nutritionist, lecturer and researcher at Aston University in the United States.

There are few reliable studies on this subject.

IN Talknutritionist explains that he “Unfortunately, there is little evidence” to confirm these two hypotheses.

Let’s take the first. Technically it looks like this water burns caloriesBut on a small scale and for a certain time. The expert cites two studies. One, published in 2003 and involving fourteen volunteers, found that alcohol consumption 500 ml water increased resting energy expenditure by about 24%. “Though it may sound great, this effect lasted only an hourHe wrote. “And it won’t make much of a difference at all. The average adult weighing 70 kg will need only an additional 20 calories – a quarter of a cookie – for every 500 ml of water they drink.

The nutritionist goes on to explain that drinking water with meals actually reduces appetite in the sense that “If your stomach at least partially filled with waterthere are fewer places to eat and you end up eating less.”. It is also not recommended to drink before meals for people with a weak appetite.

In 2007, an experiment was conducted on people frommiddle or old age, healthy and not obese. Those who have drank water before meals have lost 2 kg in twelve weeks, unlike those who didn’t use it at the time. On the other hand, younger study participants (21-35 years old) did not benefit from this effect.

results take with tweezers because the experiment was not conducted blindly: “Participants may have realized why they drank water before meals”what influenced results. “This may have caused some participants to deliberately change the amount of food they were eating in the hope that it would help them speed up their weight loss.” even “This does not explain why this effect was not observed in young people”.

Therefore, there is not enough research on this subject, and the number available is limited. “Many studies of this type (…) focus only on the question of whether participants are eat less during a single meal during the day after drinking water. Although this may indicate the potential for weight lossthere is very little good quality evidence showing that the contraction appetite usually leads to weight loss over time”Duane Mellor continues.

Don’t shy away from soups!

Water is quickly excreted from the body, it does not stay in the stomach long enough to fill the feeling of satiety. To lose weight, expert advisescombining water with fiber or vegetables (soup, sauce) to slow down the rate at which the stomach empties its contents, and therefore satiate in a healthy way without the need to finish the meal with bread. It also reminds you that weight loss or not, water remains. vital element Consume without moderation!

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