Doctors from the private sector in Granada ask for their rates to be updated

The 19% of doctors in Granada work in private medicineand for some time they have been presenting, together with their Andalusian colleagues, a series of complaints and claims in which they ask that they be made possible market freedom and competencies and the right of doctors to negotiate the revision of the scales imposed by the insurance companies and as a basic thing their updating according to the CPI, they haven’t even allowed to update in 30 yearsas well as other potentially abusive conduct.

The main demands of the Andalusian Council of Medical Associations on the free exercise of the Medical Profession are: request companies to rise the CPI of the last 32 years has not increased, which represents an increase of 145%. The second is that the Government and the public authorities support them so that they can negotiate professional development conditions of doctors in the private sphere.

If this situation does not occur and if no response is found, the Medical Associations will support symbolic strikes to claim professional development rights and negotiations that allow the promotion of free competition.

The Andalusian Council of Medical Associations, together with the eight Andalusian Medical Associations, is organizing informative meetings to claim and expose the situation they are experiencing doctors who practice private medicine in our community. Currently, 13,153 collegiate doctors active in Andalusia practice in the field of private medicine, either exclusively or mixed (practicing in public and private health), which represents 36% of active doctors in our community.

According to data from the College of Physicians of Granada, 19% of doctors practicing medicine in Granada and province work in private healthcare, either exclusively or mixed (combining public and private). In other words, of the 5,895 active collegiate doctors, 1,161 are in private. Of these, 795 do it exclusively and 366, mixed. By age, the age group with the most doctors in private healthcare in Granada is the one that It comprises between 55 and 64 years, where they exercise 332. Very close we find doctors between 45 and 54 years old, which add up to a total of 227. Under 35 years of age appear in the registry of the College of Physicians of Granada, 140 doctors and over 65 years of age 218 doctors.

Dr. Fernández Parra, president of the Granada College of Physicians, explained that from the institution he presides over “we want to guarantee that there is adequate and correct medical assistanceso it is necessary that the claims of private medicine professionals be addressed”.

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