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In medicine, there are doctors fully committed to their profession, even more so if it is framed in the health of others, incessantly seeking proven technological innovation for treatments, as is the case of Doctor Mariano B, medical director of BIOSALUD DAY HOSPITAL.

Doctor Mariano Bueno and Biosalud Day Hospital

Doctor Mariano Bueno and Biosalud Day Hospital

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Dr. Mariano Bueno and Biosalud Day Hospital

Dr. Mariano Bueno is a renowned doctor with a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Zaragoza, and in Pharmacy from the University of Alfonso X el Sabio, he began his studies with a broader vision of Medicine that has led him to specialize in Biological Medicine.

Due to his concern and commitment to the medical profession, Dr. Mariano Bueno has participated throughout his career as founder, president or member of numerous scientific organizations and projects related to medicine.

When we hear him say «At BIOSALUD DAY HOSPITAL we treat people and not just their illnesses»We can understand the principles that this doctor follows with respect to his patients and how medicine is approached in his clinic.

With an innovative vision, in the 2 locations, both at Biosalud Madrid and at Biosalud Zaragoza, it combines the principles of conventional medicine and biological medicine with the most advanced technology to develop personalized treatments.

Doctor Mariano Bueno and Biosalud Day Hospital

Doctor Mariano Bueno and Biosalud Day Hospital

«BIOSALUD DAY HOSPITAL is the culmination and materialization of 35 years of professional fulfillment and personal illusions of curing our patients and for this we have kept up to date with the latest technologies, the most innovative equipment and above all with the scientific levels that today today science can offer us. says Dr. Mariano Bueno.

Then add:

«The most important thing of all is, on the one hand, an extraordinary human team both from an administrative point of view and from a health point of view, with the aspiration of wanting more and continuously, so that we are in the latest technology and findings doctors and that we have the best chance of curing our patients.


At the beginning, Biosalud focused on Aesthetic Medicine and diseases of the locomotor system, following the trajectory of Dr. Ángel Bueno and using the most advanced means of that time. In a few years it became a clinical and teaching reference center for the training of doctors at a national and international level.

In order to heal his patients and reach where conventional techniques fail, he has delved into diseases that cause great suffering and can be difficult to detect. The creation of diagnostic methods, a great effort in training and research and the acquisition of the most advanced technology, are the tools with which Mariano Bueno works for health.

Patient opinions on biological medicine

But in all this, what is read of those who are cared for at BIOSALUD DAY HOSPITAL. We have collected some opinions from patients who are treated with biological and integral medicine.

Opinions B

“My 5 and 3 year old children, with serious mobility problems and without a diagnosis, have undergone countless tests since the first months of life. Never had any parameter been altered. Dr. Bueno, after a first assessment, asked us for tests in which we have found quite a few alterations, We finally have a path to head for we are in it and after seven months of treatment we appreciate small advances that we hope will become big “


Doctor Mariano Bueno and Biosalud Day Hospital

Original testimony about Doctor Mariano Bueno and Biosalud Day Hospital

“For not staying on the surface.
By worrying about the causes and not the effects.
For dedicating his life to something as noble as the health and care of others
For investing in research and developing new techniques.
For restoring hope to the afflicted.
By caring for each patient in a personal way.
For keeping an open mind towards new possibilities.
For carrying out his work with infectious enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

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“What Dr. Mariano Bueno gave me was logic, clarity and a new future for rheumatoid arthritis that I had suffered for 16 years. It has been a process of a year and a half, It requires constancy and change of eating habits but to this day I have no pain or signs of disease activity and I don’t take medication. I would go back without hesitation to repeat it ”.

Testimony 3 Dr. Mariano Bueno - Biosalud

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