Doctor asks to analyze new drug to treat patients with Covid-19

Paraguay is progressively moving towards a third wave of Covid-19, warned Dr. Isabel Nel. Faced with this scenario, the Family Medicine specialist pointed out the need for clinical trials of the drug Favipiravir.

In that sense, he pointed out that the country is one of the few in Latin America that has this drug and that locally three laboratories have the drug. “Why not submit it to a committee of experts and do a clinical trial, to at least stop the third wave?”

For the specialist, it is necessary to have resources to treat patients on an outpatient basis and prevent them from entering Intensive Care. “Several colleagues used this drug. It will be easier and less expensive than Molnupiravir will be ”, he continued in contact with Monumental 1080 AM.

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The world fixes its eyes on the oral drug Molnupiravir, which can treat Covid. Paraguay is also on the lookout and a local laboratory has already requested the emergency registration of the pharmacological product.

“The function of Favipiravir is very similar to that of Molnupiravir. Here we have used it quite successfully in patients on an outpatient basis and the response was positive,” he highlighted.

Likewise, he specified that this drug was initially approved in Japan for use as a backup against influenza, in Africa it was used to treat Ebola and in Russia for mild cases of Covid-19.

“The good thing would be to see what we have and use that to save lives,” Nel stressed.

The oral drug Molnupiravir is an antiviral that will soon begin to be administered to Covid patients in the UK. It is very similar to Oseltamivir, a medicine used to treat the flu.

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