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The Chivas crisis has even the Governor of Jalisco worried. Only two titles in this century, a squad in which talent seems to be measured by the dropper and a hobby that is increasingly moving away from the stadium are unequivocal symptoms that there is big problems at Club Guadalajarathat’s why Enrique Alfaro calls for urgent measures to be taken.

What did the governor of Jalisco say?

The highest ruler of the state briefly attended the media to talk about Chivas, a team he described as in “unfortunate situation” and urges that there be a deep reflection of all the parties because the Club Deportivo Guadalajara goes beyond soccer.

I’m left wanting to say what I really thinkbut it seems to me unfortunate what is happening with ChivasI am very concerned as a fan and as a governor because Chivas is more than a soccer team, what happens to this team has important social implications,” he said.

“It is time for an important and very deep internal reflection of the team because the path that Chivas is following is unsustainable“added Alfaro, who reiterated that as a fan of the rojiblanco club he understands the obvious annoyance of the fans.

Enrique Alfaro asks Amaury to ‘do something’

The governor Enrique Alfaro made a call to Amaury Vergarain his capacity as the head of Chivas, so that what has to be moved moves and the most popular team in Mexico comes out of the pothole in which it has been living for years, sailing in half a table and without being a constant protagonist of the Liguillas .

“Hopefully Amaury, whose talent and ability I recognize, will take charge of the issue and Let something be done quickly for the good of the team and the fans“, he exposed.

And it is that so far in Apertura 2022, Chivas has not won And not even in friendlies. The last tournament looked like a disaster until Ricardo Cadena arrived as a “miraculous firefighter” to get them into the Liguilla, but this tournament things are going against the grain for the coach, about whom rumors of a possible dismissal abound.

“I’m one of those who goes to the stadium every 15 days and I see that The discomfort, frustration and even anger of the fans is growing. I insist, it is time to make a comprehensive review of what is happening there because beyond the lack of goals, wins and results, there is a much deeper problem that needs to be addressed“, he asserted.

Summary of the last game of Chivas vs LA Galaxy

As part of the 2022 Leagues Cup, Guadalajara faced Los Angeles Galaxy, MLS club that beat Rebaño Sagrado 2-0which aggravates the poor results.

Next to Mazatlán and Querétaro, it is the only team that has not won so far in the Liga MX Apertura 2022, although it only registers one loss and 5 draws.

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