Do you trust your partner? Police report strange case of fingerprint abuse –

Fingerprint scanner on your phone

  • Police warn against potential misuse of phone’s fingerprint scanner
  • Suspicious man from Nakhodsk stole money from his partner while she was sleeping
  • As strange as it sounds, he simply walked up to her and placed her finger on the scanner of her phone.

Life brings various disappointments. Sometimes, for example, the person closest to you, your partner, will take money from you. The Hradec Kralove Region Police Department reported a strange case when a man withdrew hundreds of thousands of crowns from his partner’s account. He used her fingerprint to do this while she was sleeping.

He stole her money while she was sleeping

According to police, a 27-year-old man from the Náchod district brutally abused his girlfriend’s trust. He first convinced her to vouch for him at an unnamed non-banking company, where he took out a financial loan. He allegedly did not pay this amount, as stated in the official statement of the Czech Police (CHR).

However, detectives report that the suspect committed another fraud against his partner. Several times he logged into her mobile banking and made payments from there on betting portals. He did it completely without her knowledge. Because he used her fingerprint while she was sleeping. Thus, he must have caused her damage in excess of a quarter of a million crowns.


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The police did not comment on how exactly the fingerprint fraud was carried out. However, apparently, the man deliberately approached his sleeping companion and, thinking that she would not recognize, took her finger and put it on the fingerprint scanner to check the money transfer. This is not the first such scam. Old fingerprint scanners could be hacked with a special device and a powder trick.

Law enforcement agencies investigated the actions of men on suspicion of committing crimes such as embezzlement, fraud, unauthorized access to a computer system and unauthorized interference with a computer system or storage medium, unauthorized actions, and forgery and alteration of means of payment. He was to be sentenced to imprisonment for up to four years.

However, investigators have temporarily postponed the prosecution of the 27-year-old man, as he is also being prosecuted for another higher-grade property crime. The CRC declined to comment on the specific prosecution in question.

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