Do the Cleopatra eggs from “Red Notice” exist?

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Many fans enjoy the new Netflix movie, Red Noticestarring Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds. A key element of the plot involves the search for three rare eggs supposedly commissioned by the Egyptian queen Cleopatra (there will be some spoilers in this article).

That makes a lot of people wonder: Are eggs real? Did Cleopatra really have three priceless, jeweled eggs given to her by Mark Anthony on her wedding day? The answer is no. We’re sorry to disappoint, but Cleopatra’s egg plot in Red Notice it is completely made up.

This is what you need to know:

With Cleopatra’s eggs they even fooled the cast and crew

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According to TheWrap, Hiram García, producer of Red Notice and president of production for The Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions, said the film’s writer and director, Rawson Marshall Thurber, invented Cleopatra’s eggs.

In the movie, Gadot and Reynolds play art thieves behind Cleopatra’s third egg. Johnson, who claims to be an FBI agent, joins the search to seemingly clear his name.

Even the people who worked on the film thought the story was real, but according to TheWrap, it is false.

“It has such a well-conceived backstory that I wish they were real, but no, they were totally made up. It’s a really fun idea that he came up with, ”Garcia told TheWrap.

The eggs could be based on Fabergé eggs

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TheWrap points out that there are famous eggs in history, especially the famous Fabergé eggs. But they have nothing to do with Cleopatra.

According to, Fabergé eggs were created for the Russian royal family. In 2010, an “American merchant” bought a golden egg with gems for just over $ 13,000. It ended up being worth $ 33 million because it was one of 50 Fabergé eggs created for the Romanov family.

Fabergé eggs were Easter gifts, a tradition that began with Tsar Alexander III in 1885, according to

Also, the love story between Mark Antony and Cleopatra was real. According to NPR, they are among the greatest lovers in history. According to, she was the queen of Egypt and he was a Roman soldier and statesman.

“The moment he saw her, Antony lost his mind for her,” wrote the Greek historian Appian, according to, describing a mausoleum she built: “In the mausoleum he piled up gems, jewels, works of art, chests of gold, royal robes, deposits of cinnamon and incense, articles of first necessity for her, luxuries for the rest of the world ”. But no eggs are mentioned.


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