Disney + adds a special category for the “new” Spider-Man

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The arachnid return to Disney + occurs with a special category. Now, Spider-Man is sleeping in a bachelor pad and in good company.

As we reported on our website a few days ago, the films of spider-man and its spin-offs have been added to the catalog of Disney+. The streaming platform has first added five of the movies of the Spiderman produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment. This includes the first two installments of the trilogy of Tobey Maguire directed by sam raimithe two tapes of the saga of The Amazing Spider-Man and the first installment of the adventures of peter parker of Tom Holland in Marvel Studios. These movies are now available to stream in the UK, Canada and other countries.

However, the arrival of Spider-Man at Disney + has occurred under special conditions. In the end, it is understandable. We are talking about the most important, beloved and popular superhero in Marvel history.. It deserves a different status. Therefore, the House of the Mouse has created the “Spider-Verse” category within its own catalogue. In the “Spider-Verse” category you can find these five films and all the spider-animated series from the 1980s and 1990s. The other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that were already there have also been included, as well as a couple of derivative programs, such as the series of Spider-Woman.

The Spider-Man category on Disney+
Capture of the streaming platform

What do you think of this category of Spider-Man on Disney +?

There is still a way to go…

While Disney+ may not have access to everything Spider-Man to include on its streaming platform in every country, the collection of Spider-Man based tickets is constantly growing. Each update offers new details and improves the possibilities of the House of the Mouse when it comes to gaining international distribution rights and thus being able to host and bring together all the contents of the net head in the same space. This is a great start!

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