Dishonored 2 celebrates its fifth anniversary with a 4K art of its protagonists, cosplays and some discounts

It has been five years since the launch of the title of Arkane, one of the best-remembered stealth games.

In 2016, a title came to us that has ended up being much loved. Dishonored 2 It was a pleasant surprise for lovers of stealth, with a firm commitment to mechanics that surpassed the original and a setting full of personality. And, although Arkane studios Now it is more current due to the launch of Deathloop than anything else, it is a good time to remember our journey through Karnaca.

This November 11 has been five years since the premiere of Dishonored 2, and to celebrate this fifth anniversary, the official Twitter account of the saga has wanted to share a new art where its protagonists appear. They allow anyone who is interested to download it in 4K quality, both to have it on PC and to use it as a wallpaper on mobile devices.

Beyond that, there have been no big announcements about it. We have some discounts, yes, but unfortunately not in any installment of the franchise, but in posters via Displate. What they have done is ask fans what memories they have of the play, while sharing some really successful cosplays.

In 3DJuegos, if we look back we find a game that marked us for its superb level design and a very fresh formula. In our analysis of Dishonored 2, Alejandro Pascual commented that the sequel seemed somewhat conservative, but that did not cloud an experience that does not fail, whose creativity does not conflict with continuity.

And you, What memories do you have of Dishonored 2?

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