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By Miguel Guerra

Although it seems crazy, the truth is that the situation was a bit complex. In the tenth inning of the game and with the score unfavorable for the Astros, six runs for five, Aledmys replaced Trey Mancini in an offensive change by manager Dusty Baker.

Just one out after the Phillies sealed their victory and on a two-ball count with no strikes, right-hander David Robertson directed a slider close to the body of Aledmys Díaz.

The Cuban utility ignored the risks that this could cause to his health and decided to receive the ball by putting his left elbow in the path of the ball.

The pitch was nullified and a bad ball was called because the plate umpire considered that the batter acted intentionally to reach first base.

After the particular event and in a count of 3 balls without strikes, Díaz fanned another slider that did not meet the wood. Finally, in 3 balls and a strike, the Cuban hit a grounder for the third that ended with the last out of the match and the respective victory of the Phillies in game one of the World Series.

Before the clear event, many opinions arose in social networks. A large part of the fans supported the action of Aledmys Díaz and others, on the contrary, considered it an inappropriate act.

However, it is always special to hear the opinion of a person who “was in the shoes” of the Cuban player and can express an opinion with a different point of view.

«First, Aledmys does not have the green light to hit in 3 and 0, they sent him that. In that count only Yordan Álvarez or Bregman can hit.

«When you do not have confidence, all those things happen, I experienced it firsthand. That’s why (Aledmys Díaz) reacted that he wanted to get to first in any way.

«There are codes in the ball that do not fail, otherwise everyone will hit in 3 and 0, most of the time things go wrong for you, it is something that has already become traditional. You can check the statistics, at 3 and 0 you don’t hit.”

“Good hitters historically have to have discipline at the plate. As long as you hit better in count you have more chances to see more pitches.

In the circumstances of game one of the World Series, is there dishonor in that pitch that Aledmys tried to find?

“For me that is a lack of confidence, he wants to get to the base however he wants to be. He is not good at bat and he had a lack of confidence ».

“There are players who are going to hit, they don’t want a base on balls. For example, when the batter who is in front of you in the batting order, he tells you: “the first one is empty, let me get it, compadre, I’ll give it”, that’s the one who is crazy about hitting».

«On the contrary, the one who doesn’t want to hit, tells you: “hey you have to bring it, it’s you, nobody else”. In the game against the Orioles, Linares told me: “you wanted the car? You have it in third, haha”, with more fear I went to bat».

Next, you can enjoy the intervention of the Cuban baseball player:

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