Disciplinary Commission will open investigation on Cata DomínguezMediotiempo

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Due to the controversy generated by the party birthday that the son of Julio Cesar Dominguez drug-themed this Friday, January 6, Halftime was able to confirm that Disciplinary Commission will open an investigation about the Cruz Azul footballer.

The Commission condemns what happened in the event in which Rodolfo Rotondi, Charly Rodríguez, Erik Lira and Iván Morales also participated; who lived with the little ones who carried gotcha weapons and caps with the initials JGL (Joaquín Guzmán Loera).

The reason for investigation will be based on apology for the crime; that is, the exposurebefore a concurrence of people or by any means of diffusion, of ideas or doctrines that exalt the crime or exalt its author.

Even, the apology of the crime is a criminally sanctioned crime in this country. Notably freedom of expression cannot protect the injury of superior legal rights. When freedom of expression becomes an instrument at the service of those who threaten life and freedom, criminal law must act.

Secondly, the Liga MX authorities also trust in which the celestial board sanction the footballer according to the Code of Ethics of the Mexican Soccer Federation published in 2017.

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