Disciplinary Commission ratifies punishment for Nahuel Guzmán; discontinued

Monterey, NL /

The Disciplinary Commission released the report of players and members of the Technical Corps sanctioned after the activity of the matches of Second leg of the Clausura 2022 Semifinalsand in that bulletin confirmed that Nahuel Guzman will receive his punishment for the expulsion before Atlas.

Tigres had requested that the red card received by their goalkeeper at 103′ of action be investigated, since the ball he kicked near the rival striker who was heading for the area came from the Atlas bench and the Paton it had only returned it to where it came from.

However, he did not proceed, they will not remove his suspension and Nahuel will have to miss the next game with the feline team in the MX League; Even if the duel is invalidated in favor of Atlas due to the improper alignment, the goals of Tigres are erased, but not the infractions for the Auriazules.

“It is reported that in relation to the Research Request for a possible Manifest Error of the Referee, presented by Club Tigres de la UANL, once the investigation related to the expulsion of the Player has been carried out Nahuel Ignacio Guzman Palomeque corresponding to the Semifinal of the Return of the 2022 Clausura Tournament of LIGA MX played between the clubs Tigres de la UANL vs. Atlas and after having analyzed the corresponding play, as well as evaluating the evidence and other documents provided, it is determined that said request is not applicable, so the player You will not be able to participate with your team in your next official LIGA MX match.“, he reported.

He punished whoever sent the ball into the field

Of course, in the video of the play it was clear who sent the ball to the field towards Nahuel Guzmán, for which the Disciplinary Commission gave him three game suspensionIts about kinesiologist of the rojinegros, Gustavo Witte.

Two suspension matches are for “contravening the principles of sportsmanship and Fair Play, through actions and/or mockery towards the Match Officials, the Players, the Directives and the FMF Authorities; and one more match for “voluntarily throwing an object onto the field of play with the hand or foot”.

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