Digital Foundry compares Xbox Series X and PS5 versions of COD: Vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard, the 2021 installment of Activision’s annual saga, already said present on consoles and PC on November 5, bringing with it a campaign full of moments that would make Michael Bay blush, a multiplayer that is not far from being a copy and paste FIFA style, and a zombies mode that by now, it will surely start to tire even the most hardened fan.

Perhaps the best of all this is to be able to enjoy and inform yourself as usual, with the comparative videos that Digital Foundry colleagues usually publish, and where they test the Series X and PS5 versions, not only to appreciate their performance. individual, but also to compare them and see which of the two, turned out to be the best.

Vanguard seems to be more spectacle, than stable performance

And it is that as they read, the people of Digital Foundry He put every mode available in Vanguard to the test, and this time there was definitely no “winner”. Both consoles achieve native resolution of 3840×2160 at 60fps, using dynamic resolution scaling in addition to some reconstruction techniques.

The big problem they found on both consoles, both at 60fps and 120fps, is that the game is somewhat unstable in certain sections of the campaign. Although, during 99% of the experience things flow quite well, there are times when, playing at 60 frames for example, the drops can reach 18 fps in Series X and 0 in PS5. Apparently, this is due to the game’s checkpoint system, which is expected to be improved with a patch at some point, something that I personally believe is absolutely necessary, even if it does not affect the experience on a large scale.

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