Digi is hot, but I would check these 5 things before hiring

Whether you are looking for a basic Digi rate or want a plan that includes Internet and mobile, there are several features that we have to know before contracting any of its services. In this way, it will not catch us by surprise if tomorrow we want to change or its services are not what we expected from the beginning. And it is that, even though their prices are competitive, in recent months we have witnessed the countless complaints from your customers in terms of speed or connection failures.

Digi’s Permanence

In the event that you are interested in contracting any of the different Digi Mobile Ratesyou’re in luck, since you can enjoy any of its mobile phone services for as long as you want, without any commitment to stay, so you can leave at any time if you want.

However, in the fiber optic service they do apply a stay of 3 months. Commitment that, in some cases, has harmed its clients, since they have had continuous failures in the connection and have had to endure the 3 months of permanence in order not to have to pay a penalty. In addition, they establish that commitment time by the fact that fiber installationit is free as long as you are with the operator for more than 3 months.

Digi Permanence

Your fiber comes with CG-NAT

Another important detail that cannot go unnoticed is that the Romanian operator, uses CG-NAT for Internet connections. Although the company ensures that it does not affect the regular use of users, it may affect you when trying to open the ports. This technology is an IPv4 network design tool in which the ends of the communication are configured with private network addresses, which end up being translated into public addresses.

And if we want to deactivate it from our rate, we will have to pay for the service on top Plus Connection. Specifically, it will be necessary pay 1 euro more per month. Therefore, whether we like it or not, we will have to pay extra if we want to deactivate this option.

You don’t have a 5G connection

Forget enjoying a 5G mobile network. More than anything, because if we contract a line with Digi, the maximum speed at which we are going to be able to browsing from a mobile will be with 4G and ranges between 20 and 40 Mbps downstream, and between 6 and 12 Mbps upstream.

Note that, Digi’s 4G, is incorporated into all its products, we only need a mobile compatible with 4G and have the 4G/LTE network option activated. In addition, this coverage will depend on Movistar.

4G Digital

You pay for calls on the landline

In the event that you still use the landline at home to call your relatives and want to contract a convergent rate for fiber and mobile with a landline, you should know that Digi pays an extra for the landline. And that is not the worst, but we will pay for the minutes we spend per month.

Specifically, you will have to pay 1 euro to have a fixed line. But, as we were saying, we will have to pay per call, that is, andthe price is per minutein addition to call setup:

  • To fixed and mobile: Call establishment 11.99 cents/call, like 2 cents/min to landlines and 5 cents/min to mobiles.
  • To fixed and mobile Digi: paying 1 euro per month there are unlimited calls to Digi.

However, if we add the fixed line with 500 minutes for 3 euros more per month, we will have unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in Spain, as well as 500 international minutes to more than 50 countries. So things change, although we will have to pay that extra every month.

Digi fixed line 3 euros

speed losses

This is one of the biggest complaints from Digi users. Just browsing the Internet forums a bit will help us to realize that many customers complain that they suffer speed losses in their fiber services. Especially in peak hours and after eight and nine at night.

Some customers claim that there is a descent Awesome of bandwidth, which prevents, among other things, the use of services such as streaming platforms or online games. This has led to many users of the Romanian operator who have decided to unsubscribe when their permanence contract has ended. So this is the last point to keep in mind.

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