Diego Luna and his 6 series that everyone should see (and where)

This Netflix animated series features the voices of Gael Garcia, Zoe Saldana, Diego Luna and Alfred Molina among other well-known actors, and tells the story of a princess with an important mission.

In this adventure story, Maya is a warrior princess who sets out on a mission to find three ancient warriors, who are the only ones who can help her save the world of humans and gods from a threat that could destroy them all.

Trollhunters / 3Below / Wizards – Netflix


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This saga of Guillermo del Toro starts with a series called Trollhunters, where an ordinary boy discovers an ancient and mysterious amulet that transforms him into a Troll hunter, which in this case are dark creatures that put his world in danger.

The animated series is part of a trilogy that also includes 3Below and Wizards, that not only have a perfect animation, but also a story full of adventures, mystery and magic, which connect with each other to create a bigger and more interesting universe.

Bread and Circuses – Amazon Prime


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This series is rather a space to reflect and think a little. diego luna is the host of this series that brings together experts and celebrities, who come together to eat and discuss issues that are important to Mexican society, from gender violence to climate change, and what we could do to change the world in the future. that we currently live.

It is not a fictional series or a thriller, but it presents each topic in an interesting way, adding the opinions of experts and people who have experienced each problem or situation to have a broader and more concrete perspective.

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