Diego Boneta buys a house of 3.9 million dollars

The young Mexican actor, singer and producer Diego Bonet It has become news after it was revealed that he had acquired a luxurious house in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods among celebrities, in West Hollywood in Los Angeles.

The various rumors suggest that the actor had to have paid approximately 3.9 million dollars for the house that is located in the same neighborhood as celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, Katty Perry, among others.

Diego Boneta's house in Hollywood

Illulian Realty

It has also been mentioned that the acquisition of this house could be for Diego Bonet, 31, and his girlfriend, Renata Notni, 27, will move in together. However, she shared on social networks that she will spend a few months in the Canary Islands, Spain to record The Fox.

How is the new house that Diego Boneta bought in Hollywood?

As described, the house was built in 1927 in a “refined modern Spanish” style within a lot of 445 square meters. The construction is completely renovated by the European designer Luca Colombo.

The million dollar house is surrounded by elegant and manicured gardens, while inside it has three bedrooms and four luxurious bathrooms; as well as hardwood floors, high-end appliances, elegant furniture, and air conditioning panels.

Diego Boneta's house in Hollywood

Illulian Realty

Other comforts of the luxurious house you purchased Diego Bonet they are a pool with a waterfall in an outdoor area; as well as an office, fireplace and other amenities.

Projects by Diego Boneta

Currently, Diego Bonet is involved in several projects, including the movies of the father of the bride which is already available on the HBO streaming platform, as well as Starbright Y At midnight.

Similarly, it was confirmed that after the iconic series of

Luis Miguel
Netflix, the actor could say goodbye to the platform as it is known that he signed a general agreement with Amazon Prime Video.

Diego Boneta's house in Hollywood

Illulian Realty

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