Did they pay you? América sued Porto for transfers of Agustín Marchesín and Mateus Uribe

The azulcremas went to FIFA to claim for the debts of the Portuguese team due to transfers three years ago.

Porto had a delay in the payments of Marchesín and Uribe.
© picture 7Porto had a delay in the payments of Marchesín and Uribe.

A little over three years ago, América sold Agustín Marchesín and Mateus Uribe to Porto in operations independent of one another, but what did they mean? a sum of 20 million dollars for the azulcremas cofferswhich seemed to have been paid without much trouble by the Portuguese team.

Nevertheless, a FIFA document was released in which it was revealed that those from Coapa proceeded with a lawsuit against the Dragons before the highest organization of international soccer in order to claim non-payment for the footballers transferred at the time. This process dates from the year 2021.

“The Defendant, FC Porto, must pay the Claimant outstanding remuneration in the amount of EUR 869,348, plus 5% annual interest. for an amount of EUR 643,342 from July 1, 2021 until the date of effective payment”expresses the document where it was also made clear that FIFA accepted the claim of the Eagles.

It is worth mentioning that the debt by Porto was already covered in its entiretyso the azulcremas claims were echoed and received the amount that the aforementioned body stipulated in its resolution.

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