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For some months there has been talk that Christian Nodal has a romantic relationship with Cazzuand despite the fact that both have been seen together on more than one occasion, neither has confirmed or denied that there is something more than friendship between them.

In addition to said rumour, it has been speculated in recent weeks that the rapper could be pregnant -despite the fact that there is no confirmed relationship-, the above thanks to the fact that, during the last installment of Youth Awards 2022posed for photos with her hands on her belly.

About this situation, neither of them has spokenalthough the interpreter of “Goodbye, love” published a story on Instagram a few days ago where, according to his followers, he could be turning off the rumors that have circulated around his life and that of the young woman of Argentine origin.

Nodal publishes story with a subliminal message?

The 23-year-old singer used his Instagram account, where he has 9.3 million followers, to share a meme through his stories where, supposedly, she would be clarifying the rumors about a possible pregnancy of Cazzu.

The meme template is a scene from the tape Vows of love (2012), in which Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum appear talking -surely you have seen it on some occasion on the internet-.

However, the image plays with a reference to the viral song “Mi baby fiu fiu”, since the dialogue that the characters in the meme carry is as follows:

“Honey, let’s not fight, it’s bad for the baby”

“What baby?”

“I, your baby fiu fiu”

In social networks they have begun to mention that this is the confirmation of the Sonoran artist to deny that Cazzu is pregnant, despite the fact that she has not explicitly said so.

Last July 30 was the last “sighting” of the artists during the Wisin y Yandel concert in Guatemala, where they were seen singing and dancing together, according to some videos broadcast on social networks.

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