Did Cruz Azul seek to sign Cabecita Rodríguez? Ordiales reveals the truth

The Sports President of La Maquina de Cruz Azul, Jaime Ordiales, clarified all the controversy over the signing of Jonathan ‘Cabecita’ Rodriguez with the Club America Eagles, Well, the fans have claimed that the cement club did not seek the return of one of its greatest references in recent years and ‘engine’ for the conquest of the ninth title of the celestial.

In an interview with Javeri Alarcón on the Adrenalina program, Ordiales assured that he surveyed Jonathan Rodríguez’s environment about a month ago, but found “stratospheric figures” that Cruz Azul could not pay at this time.

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First of all, the director of Cruz Azul assured that he could not mention the exact amounts, but he respected the economic “capacity” that other clubs had to bid for the signing of the Uruguayan, which, he stressed, was unaffordable for the cement institution.

To put the Uruguayan’s situation in context, Ordiales explained that before Cabecita Rodíguez signed with Al Nassr, Cruz Azul had a much larger proposal from a Chinese team, but they negotiated with the Uruguayan to stay on the team, becoming champion in that semester.

The manager commented that, after his departure, Jonathan insisted on leaving the team, now with the Arab club, for which the Celestes accepted the proposal, since his contract was about to expire and they could not cover the salary increase that Little Head was asking.

“Jonathan asked to leave the team for a substantial economic improvement that the team could not really cover at that time”

The Sports President of Cruz Azul commented that a month ago he sounded out the signing of Joanthan Rodríguez, but his hiring represented spending the same amount in which they had sold him (6 million dollars, unofficially), in addition to covering the new salary of the Uruguayan, which had nearly tripled (from $1.4 million to over $4 million).

In addition, Ordiales revealed that at that time they told him that Jonathan Rodríguez would sign with LAFC of the MLS, so now he was surprised to learn that America is negotiating his signing.

The manager confirmed that the Arab club has a significant debt with Cruz Azul for the signing of Rodíguez, which would be paid by Club América, anticipating that this amount will be used to invest in signings for 4 or 5 positions.

“They told me that if he left Arabia it would be practically for what it cost and a much higher salary, almost three times what he earned here, that he would go to MLS to LAFC. He is a benchmark player, but he was not in our possibilities, he is an amount with which we are going to cover four or five positions”

To close, Ordiales assured that America was not acting disloyal, since the Eagles are betting on a ‘proven’ player in Liga MX in a ‘free market’ in which Cruz Azul, at the moment, was not able to compete. , because they should make better use of their resources.

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