Did Cristiano Ronaldo silence Fernando Santos when he was substituted? Halftime

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Cristiano Ronaldo was once again at the center of controversy after some gestures and words that he launched when he was substituted in the match between Portugal and South Korea, which ended in defeat for his country.

Calm and in an effort to end any misunderstanding once and for all, the Portuguese star assured that the phrases he launched were not directed towards the coach Fernando Santos, but towards a rival who was urging him to come out of the field of play.

The Korean player told me to go fast and I told him to shut up because he is not an authority”, Cristiano explained in the mixed zone

There doesn’t have to be controversy. It’s the heat of the game. Whatever happens, things always remain on the court. The most important thing is that we have to be united. We are in the next phase. Not only the players, but also the Portuguese have to have confidence”, he deepened.

Fernando Santos coincides with the gunner

Questioned about Cristiano Ronaldo’s gestures, Santos agreed with his player when he mentioned that it was a reproach to a rival.

“Ronaldo left, yes, angry with the korean player who insulted him and kicked him off the field. He replied, it’s perfectly normal. I heard what the Korean said, in English, and I have no doubt about it,” she explained at a press conference.

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