“Dibu Martínez is a fool, stupid,” said Fabio Capello, who also criticized Cristiano | National teams

The authority of a successful soccer player and world-class coach is not in dispute when it comes to analyzing what the World Cup in Qatar 2022 has just left behind. He won everything and now, as an analyst for Italian media, he is a reference and a highly respected opinion.

That is why Fabio Capello has generated such a stir with his latest balance of the World Cup, which left Argentina as champion, the golden dream of Lionel Messi.

The former DT of Milan, Real Madrid, Juventus, Rome and the teams of England and Russia gave his opinion of the divine and the human after that World Cup, which he valued for what it meant for the best footballer on the planet but which left more than one controversy for the celebrations and the attitudes of some Argentines with their French rivals in a final that is already a memorable memory in the history of football (3-3, 4-2 on penalties).

Capello focused on the figure of Emilano ‘Dibu’ Martínez, whom many do not forgive for his vulgar gesture when receiving the award for the best goalkeeper in the championship or for the mockery that happened later in the locker room at Mbappé.

For the Italian veteran, the diagnosis is rather simple: “A fool, a stupid”, he said in a chat with ‘Corriere della Sera’, in accordance with the complaints of French players and ex-soccer players, who harshly criticized the controversial goalkeeper.

But he was not the only one he criticized, as he also had words for the great figure of Portugal, who was left in debt: “Cristiano Ronaldo has sought this end of his career for being presumptuous. And for what he has done in his career, it is not It honors him. The player is not questioned except the moment, he was conceited, he went around offering himself without finding anyone who believed him. He has become a bit heavy for a team, a burden”, he commented.

​Capello was excited about a DT like Ancelotti for Brazil but believes that there will be no option for a foreigner and explained, in his role as DT, what Deschamps did with Benzema: “I did the same with Savicevic before the 1993 Intercontinental. the morning of the match they told me that I could play, after having prepared everything with Raducioiu and, out of respect, I did not let him play. I felt that I did it for the good of the team”, he said. With Savicevic and Benzema, would Milan and France have been champions? “Maybe yes,” he answered clearly.

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