Diablo 4: The fiasco of the first season could very well benefit this other game in the genre that fans have been waiting for so long.

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It’s no secret, unfortunately, but it seems that Diablo 4 Season 1 is a real little fiasco. While this seems to make the game more difficult than ever for minimal gain, many players have already gotten bored with it and are now turning to their direct competitor.

Are Diablo 4 players going to join Path of Exile 2?

If Diablo 4 is as bad as ever among its fans, here’s what Path of exile 2, originally announced at ExileCon 2019, could very well steal the show as it seems to be coming back to the fore stronger than ever. For those who don’t know The name Grinding Gear Games was indeed announced at ExileCon 2019 and made a small appearance at Summer Games Fest 2023.. The problem is that the latter was quickly overshadowed by its main rival, none other than Diablo 4, which was released on June 6…

Path of Exile 2 is still unavailable today and we don’t know when it will be released, but the developers have scheduled a meeting for the players on July 28, and there may well be more of them than ever. Indeed, if this is truly a Diablo-like game, it could steal a star from Blizzard’s game today, not without much difficulty, as it disappointed gamers around the world with the arrival of its first season.

Moreover, ExileCon 2023 will take place July 29-30.and this event will be timely to get even more talk about Path of Exile 2. At this conference we are clearly waiting for the open beta date, and we hope they’re just around the corner… As a reminder, Grinding Gear Games’ Diablo-like game will be free-to-play, unlike Blizzard’s, which can also ensure that players are sure to be there when it releases. However, it remains to be seen now to what extent this will be, and above all, hoping that we do not have microtransactions full of all directions.

Upcoming improvements in Diablo 4?

Despite this season 1 catastrophic, the developers of Diablo 4 wanted to express themselves in a new Dev Talk dedicated to him and patch 1.1. According to them, changes are comingamong other things, with improvements to the Barbarian and Sorcerer classes, the density of enemies in Nightmare Dungeons and Hellwaves to be increased, a tab dedicated to inventory gems (Season 2), or even adjustments to make gameplay from level 50 to 100 less painful…

To find out all the details about the upcoming changes, feel free to refer to the article dedicated to this topic.

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