DGA grants Christmas Grace for exemption from import taxes

The cost of gifts must not exceed US $ 4,000.00

The General Directorate of Customs (DGA) has, as of December 1 and until January 7, 2022, the application of the Christmas Grace for the release and exemption of all types of import taxes on those gifts brought to the country by Dominicans residing in the foreigner to family, friends and related.

Likewise, it is reported that in general the cost of gifts should not exceed US $ 4,000.00, this cap being the highest Christmas grace granted by the General Directorate of Customs in history.

Likewise, this initiative’s main purpose is to reward Dominican residents in other countries for their contributions of remittances and at the same time alleviate the economic effects that the pandemic has brought with it. Covid-19 to the world.

As reported by Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD), in the first 10 months of the year, remittances received reached US $ 8,675.1 million, exceeding by more than US $ 2,035 million those registered in 2020 (US $ 6,639.4 million), this variation is equivalent to a growth of 30.7%; While compared to 2019, where family monetary remittances reached US $ 5,873.2 million, the increase experienced in 2021 exceeds 47%, that is, an additional US $ 2,801 million.

The director of the DGA, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, Yayo, said that the institution he directs will always focus on implementing measures that benefit Dominican travelers during this time of year where the reunion and delivery of gifts with their relatives is an act of union that we must always instill in our society.

In addition, he recalled that only one grace will be applied per family and that this does not include motor vehicles of any kind, firearms and those goods considered industrial raw material or agricultural, including fuels or their derivatives.

“By virtue of the restrictions imposed by the airlines to bring gifts, they will be allowed to be transported by the means that the traveler deems appropriate, provided that the FOB value of the transported goods does not exceed the established amount and is not in quantities commercial, allowing only one unit of each type of merchandise, especially in the case of household appliances ”, explains the DGA.

In that sense, to benefit from this facility, people residing abroad, consignees of shipments, must present themselves at the customs administrations (collecturías) corresponding to your passport, purchase invoices, boarding pass and any other document that shows that you have not entered the country for more than six (6) months. The measure will be applied as long as the entry of the merchandise has happened in the period established for the Christmas Grace.

“From the government we thank all Dominicans living abroad for their effort and commitment to the Dominican Republic,” said the official.

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