Developers reveal the most effective home sales techniques using this method


Developers in Jakarta believe that promoting real estate through social media is the best way to promote their products. This was revealed in a survey conducted by the DKI Jakarta Regional Management Council (DPD) Real Estate Indonesia (REI).

As a result, 92.5% of respondents said that social networks are the most effective means of promotion, followed by exhibitions (64.1%), billboards (52.7%) and marketplaces (37.7%). The smallest means of promotion are print media (22.8%) and television/electronic media (19.9%).

DPD REI DKI Jakarta Deputy Head of Research and International Relations Chandra Rambi said last year’s research results also showed that the research results are not much different. However, at that time, social networks were in second place as the most effective means of promoting real estate, and exhibitions were in first place.

“It fits, last year it was still number 2 on social media, a significant increase. Last year there was an exhibition (the most effective means of promoting real estate),” he said at a press conference on the results of the study. Real Estate Industry Development Study 2023” at DKI Jakarta DPD REI Secretariat Office, Rasun Office Park, Jakarta, Friday (January 9, 2023).

Chandra also noted that promotion on social media was much stronger than websites or home buying and selling marketplaces. We are talking about the social networks Facebook and Instagram.

On the other hand, DKI Jakarta DPD REI head Arvin F. Iskandar said that although next year will be political, developers believe the real estate sector will not be affected.

“Despite the fact that next year will be political, with the general election taking place, some developers believe that the real estate sector will not be affected. And hope that next year the real estate sector will be much better. licensing/requirements for project development, as well as the stability of bank interest rates,” he explained.

According to Arvin, in the same study, 43.4% of REI DKI Jakarta members hoped that the real estate industry would be much better in 2024 than the previous year and said that simplification of licensing and requirements is the hope for 2024. .

At the same time, in 2023, 94.31% of respondents will build residential projects in the form of housing and apartments. In particular, 55.52% are building middle and upper dwellings, 28.47% are building lower dwellings, and as much as 10.32% are building apartments for sale.

“Members of Rei DKI Jakarta stated that the real estate products that will provide the best results in 2023 are the types of housing in the form of housing and apartments. differs from the results of the previous 2020 study, namely 65.5% of REI DKI Jakarta members stated that lower housing/RST/FLPP is the product that provides the best performance,” said Arvin.

Meanwhile, in terms of financing, both for consumers and construction loans for developers, most of them require bank financing. In fact, as many as 63.7% said there were/would not be any other funding alternatives other than banking.

Compared to credit requirements, tax cuts, LTV (credit to value)/DP, NJOP cuts, the developer believes that the government policy that can have the best impact on the development of the real estate sector is the policy on interest rates on loans.

“The survey results also show that funding from bonds, sukuk, Dire (real estate investment funds), MTN (medium-term bonds), real estate start-up funding, IPOs, KSOs (operational partnerships) and others are still minimally used in construction. As many as 63.7% of DKI REI members stated that there were no other funding alternatives other than banking that were/will be accepted,” he added.

For information, this survey was conducted for 3 months from April to July 2023 for members of DPD REI DKI Jakarta. This study was conducted using primary data collection methods through questionnaires and interviews. More than 300 members took part in the survey.

The purpose of this survey is to provide information while helping businesses and consumers make decisions. Businessmen can get an overview and get the opinion of member developers, as well as guidance on developing product development strategies according to industry profiles. Meanwhile, the government and other stakeholders can use it to develop policies or evaluate actions to be able to move the wheels of the economy.

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