Details of the new contract that Jürgen Damm would have with Club América

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

After the Apertura 2022 ended, the America club needs to rethink its squad for the next tournament, because it requires a group that this time can win the Liga MX title, contrary to what the squad did in this last tournament, because regardless of the good regular phase, the football players bluecream They must manage to appear convincingly in the Liguilla. One of the names that still does not define its future is Jurgen Damm.

The contract signed by the end of the Eagles At the beginning, he only contemplated six months, so now he must define his future, whether it is to continue in America or change teams. As announced by Fernando Esquivel, the directive of Coapa intends to offer Damn another half-year contract, well Jurgen He let them know his interest in staying on the team and they consider giving him that opportunity. The operation will start next week.

Is Jürgen Damm really required at Club América?

It is a reality that the starting attacker on the right wing for the bluecream is Alejandro Zendejasso the permanence of Damn it means having him on the bench as an emergency change, because it didn’t even work as a trigger when given the opportunity, although obviously there are fans who grew fond of him Jurgen with the videos shared during the concentration of America.

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