Desolation: how Julio César Chávez followed the defeat of his son

In the last few hours, one of the most anticipated returns in the local boxing environment took place. Omar Chávez returned to the ring in search of taking a solid step in his sports career. However, the combat judges saw Rafael Ortíz as the winner and Julio Cesar Chavez could not hide his discomfort after this situation.

In different passages of the fight, Julio Cesar Chavez He was very nervous about the actions of his heir and even gave him some instructions. However, the knowledge of the former world champion was in vain, since the young man could not impose his rhythm or manage the threads of the evening. In this way, it was shown that he must continue with the training.

Julio César Chávez retired from professional practice in 2005.

It should be noted that, prior to this fight taking place, the man born in Obregón had asked Omar Chávez to emerge victorious from the ring, not only for the future of his sports career, but also for his prestige. This duel took place in a sports center in Sinaloa that has the name of the Mexican legend, so the pain is double.

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