Deportivo Cali NEWS: Teófilo will be summoned against Millonarios

One of the most interesting duels that the fifth day of the Betplay League will offer will be the one played Millionaires and Deportivo Cali at the Nemesio Camacho El Campín stadium, and which will take place on Saturday, August 6 from 8:15 p.m..

For the duel is not only important given the significance that the two clubs have had throughout history of the FPC but by the contrast in game schemes and operation, which therefore is reflected in the Positions table.

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Now, in the Valle del Cauca awnings there is an additional point to the crisis that the club is experiencing and runs through the alleged bad relationship between Teófilo Gutiérrez and coach Mayer Candelowhich has been going on since the attacker from Barranquilla was not summoned for the duel on date 5 against Envigado FC.

Deportivo Cali: Teófilo Gutiérrez will be summoned against Millonarios

And it is that in dialogue with ‘The Owners of the Cali Ball’ of Antena2, the new president of El Verde, Luis Fernando Mena, confirmed that “Teófilo Gutiérrez will travel to Bogotá to face Millonarios”which was something unlikely until then.

That’s the way it is, The illusion grows on the part of the fans of the Caleño teamwho not only expect that the internal situation of the campus is not as it has been speculating for a few daysor at least, is in the process of improvement.

Likewise, having again one of the most regular footballers in the squad would allow the Sugarers to get closer to the performance they expect facing the games that are coming, intending to start a comeback in the contest and sign their presence in the semi-final home runs.

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It is necessary that Deportivo Cali is the team with the most unfavorable performance throughout the year in the Betplay League, because in the table of the reclassification is last with just 19 unitswhile the head of the count (Deportes Tolima) has reached 61 points in the same stretch.

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