Demon Turf, analysis. A crazy journey through the underworld

It was announced during IGN Summer Game Fest 2020, and a year and a half later, Demon Turf has recently debuted on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. His arrival may not have made too much noise, but his premise is more than enough for him to aspire to make a place for himself among the followers of the 3D platforms. Those that began to arrive in the days of PlayStation and Nintendo 64.

The adventure takes us to the Underworld controlled by organizations that keep the people subdued. We, in the skin of a demonic young woman who attends to the man of Beebz, we will try to bring order to the city … and get the title of Queen of the Underworld. Helping others is not incompatible with having ambitions in life, is it? In any case, beyond a staging that leaves no one indifferent, the first thing that strikes us is the decision to explore three-dimensional environments with characters and sprites 2D.

Demon Turf analysis Platforms 3D PS5 Xbox Series X Nintendo Switch PC Indie

In the variety is the spice

If there is something that has conquered us after completing Demon Turf it is, without a doubt, the waste of ideas that it puts on the table. Because the title of Fabraz and Playtonic always tries to explore the confines of the genre. And it succeeds. Secondary missions entrusted to us by the inhabitants of the Underworld, puzzles that require the use of physics, combat arenas in which we must face numerous enemies under certain circumstances, underwater expeditions, minigames … No time to get bored; the game draws on classics like Banjo-Kazooie or Spyro the Dragon, among others, but it also tries to offer something new at all times.

Of course, the shaker of ideas does not lack the classic ingredients of the genre such as the collection of objects, the platform challenges and the need to return to areas already visited to make use of new exploration skills. In this sense, it must be said that the game fulfills their role as platforms, but neither does it stand out especially in any of its facets. However, the way in which you combine them with everything mentioned above ends up giving rise to a quite satisfactory result; It is a title that amuses and always has something to surprise you with.

Demon Turf analysis Platforms 3D PS5 Xbox Series X Nintendo Switch PC Indie

Save game: one more mechanic

As if it were a platform from the 90s, Demon Turf is not exactly an example of benevolence when it comes to punishing the player. Errors are paid, and a poorly measured jump, an attack that does not hit its target or the mere fact of not understanding a puzzle well, are more than enough for us to have to repeat a complete section. It is something that can become frustrating, if it weren’t for the presence of one of the most original mechanics of the title: the manual control point system.

By placing a flag, we have the opportunity to create our own checkpoint with —almost— total freedom; If we decide to raise one of them just before a demanding jump, we can face it with the assurance that, in the event of a fatal fall, we will immediately return to the flag. We found it to be a very interesting idea, especially when checking the success with which it has been implemented. It is not only a limited resource that we must dose carefully; also serves as a fast travel point. In other words: we can jump between flags at any time.

Demon Turf analysis Platforms 3D PS5 Xbox Series X Nintendo Switch PC Indie

Ambitious and modest at the same time

The playable set, the variety of ideas and the hilarity that some of their stories are offer us a very different experience from what we normally find in the genre. In this sense, we can say that it is an ambitious title when it comes to proposing something new to players. However, it is not gold everything that shines; some of its seams, typical of a humble production, often stand out. On the one hand, the control system is not entirely accurate, since the inertia of the falls compromises the tightest jumps. They are not challenging actions so much because of the way they have been measured, but because of the imperfections when it comes to handling Beebz.

Nor can we ignore the design of the world, which leaves us a slight bitter taste due to its irregularities. It is true that the art direction is right to show us a very particular vision of the Underworld, but it is also true that the monotony of the environment and how empty some of its settings are they jeopardize what could have been an unforgettable journey. The graphic section complies and the performance is correct, and although assessing the appearance of a work is something very personal, the repetition of the color palette has not finished convincing us, despite the effort of the studio to take us through the odd one. area where it manages to shine punctually.


Demon Turf is a very interesting game thanks to the peculiarity of some of its elements. On the one hand, the combination of two-dimensional characters and a three-dimensional environment gives it its own personality. On the other, its mechanics and the variety of situations mean that it can go a little beyond the basic rules of the genre and brings freshness. Is not perfect; It is a minor production and some elements do not work very well, but it is original and has enough arguments to become a little surprise for any player looking for something different.


  • The variety of mechanics and situations
  • The peculiar graphic section and the mixture of 2D and 3D
  • The interesting game save mechanic


  • Control, a bit rough and imprecise
  • Some scenarios, empty and uninspired
  • The setting is too repetitive



It meets the expectations of what a good game is, it has quality and it does not present serious flaws, although it is missing elements that could have taken it to higher heights.

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