Demi Rose Bows and Shows Part of Her Charm by Wearing a Miniskirt

Turning her back to the camera lens, the beautiful British model, Demi Rose pampered everyone by exposing her angelic beauty with little garments that left much more on display.

Demi Rose, is a renowned British model who has come to stay as one of the favorite influencers of users on social networks and her more than 18 million fans on her Instagram profile have made it more than clear.

Thanks to the great popularity she has in the world of the web, the 26-year-old beautiful girl has become one of the favorites of clothing and beauty products brands, who have made her the official image of their merchandise and has currently positioned herself as the official ambassador for English retailer Pretty Little Things.

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Let us remember that the famous ex-partner of the rapper Tyga, at this moment is in the middle of a trip around the world and today he is visiting the United States, after having traveled the paradisiacal beaches of Tulum and some Italian islands.


With one of her recent publications through her personal account on the camera’s social network, the beautiful internet celebrity once again spoiled all her followers by exposing her angelic beauty with small garments that left much more of her spectacular view on display. curvy anatomy.

In this gallery of images, you can see Demi posing with her back to the camera lens, having great fun in a miniature golf park, but what most caught the attention of users was the little outfit that the model was wearing that day.

Rose delighted the pupils of her millions of fans by letting herself be seen a little leaning forward while wearing a pink jacket and a short white skirt that revealed much of her charm and shapely legs while receiving the strong rays of the sun on her smooth skin. 

To accompany this publication, the beautiful influencer placed a message at the bottom of her photograph, where she wrote “Do you think I could make a hole in one?”, In addition to adding a geotag that indicated that she is located in Los Angeles, California.


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