Demi Lovato wants to have relationships with beings from another planet

The former Disney star, who at 29 years of age has triumphed in music and acting, Demi lovato made a surprising revelation, along with his colleague, the singer Becky G, which left many with a square eye and many others laughing at his comments.

During the program ‘Face to Face with Becky G’, Demi Lovato assured that it is already tired of romantic relationships with humansYes, so now he would like to experiment with other kinds of living beings, such as aliens.

Demi Lovato surprises her followers

Let us remember that the singer Demi lovato recently revealed that it felt a non-binary person, that is, it does not identify with either the female or the male sex, and that it was in the process of getting to know each other.

At the interview Demi Lovato assured that she had been meditating a lot, to the degree that he could reach contact ghosts and aliens, which caused curiosity for the interviewer Becky G, who questioned if she would date an alien.

“I have had contact through meditation, seeing things in the sky than before they weren’t there when I started meditating “, answered Demi lovato, before confessing with laughter “Yes, absolutely! I’m so tired of humans! I’m so tired of humans and his human m1erd4. I am so tired. !Bring me an alien!“.

It should be noted that this type of statements of Demi lovato, the former Disney girl, join others she has done in the past and that will surely be part of the documentary she is preparing, which is titled ‘Unidentified with Demi Lovato’, in which it will be narrated in four parts that are in search of the truth about the UFO phenomenon (Unidentified flying object).

Demi Lovato takes a revealing image of herself

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