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They demanded the arrest of 3 out of 8 suspects taken into custody in connection with a shootout that left 2 dead and 1 wounded at the Tekel shopping center in Istanbul’s Esenyurt district.

The 8 people detained as part of the investigation conducted by the Buyukcekmece General Prosecutor’s Office in connection with the July 28 incident in Güzelyurt Mahallesi have completed their procedures at the Istanbul Security Department.

Eight suspects, who underwent a medical examination, were taken to the Buyukcekmece courthouse.

After testimony was taken from Tarik Ozer, Azat Ozer and Servet Ozer, who pulled the trigger on the suspects, they were sent to the on-duty Magistrate’s Criminal Court to be arrested on charges of “qualified premeditated murder.”

Statements by the prosecution against other suspects are ongoing.

It was alleged that Servet Ozer and Azat Ozer were hiding at their own construction site.

It was stated that another suspect was preparing to escape by boat and did not find an opportunity to take action.

Claims such as the issue of credit and debt related to the backstory of events, the incident of a gunshot wound based on an earlier discussion came to the fore.


In the meantime, while the investigation of the suspects in the prosecutor’s office continued, activity was in full swing in front of the courthouse, where security measures were tightened. The man started screaming in front of the front door.

The police teams, who had taken precautions outside the courthouse, intervened in the screaming man.

The police detained the suspect.


One of the members of the group, who went on July 28 to a monopoly dealer in Esenyurt, shot Yunus Emre Erzen (24 years old), with whom he had a conversation, as well as Batukhan Bayindyr (20 years old) and Yusuf Erzen (21 years old). who was with him.

While the suspects fled after the incident, Yunus Emre Erzen and Batukhan Bayindir, who were injured by the medical teams that arrived on the scene on notice, died.

During the post-incident investigation, suspects Murat Ozer, Servet Ozer, Tarik Ozer and Azat Ozer, as well as 5 suspects who allegedly helped these people escape, were taken into custody.

The first suspect, Murat Ozer, who was caught as part of the investigation, was arrested by the judge before whom he was brought.

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