delay up to 4 hours on some flights due to baggage system failure

A new breakdown concerns luggage at Orly airport. “There is an error in the baggage handling system on Orly 4”, indicates Aéroports de Paris (ADP) on Twitter, specifying that the other terminals do not touch. The cause of the breakdown, which lasted from dawn, has not been established.clarified the ADP representative for France Bleu Paris.

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“This is a glitch in the baggage sorting system, which delivers bags and suitcases to the plane, passing by the check-in terminal”, continues this source. If it lasted all day the shutdown could affect about 40 flights and 10,000 passengers.

“Teams mobilized to carry luggage” indicates ADP, which warns of possible delays in baggage delivery. Flights were also delayed, some of them up to 4 hours, a France Info journalist noted on the spot. And some left without luggage. The rest go to other Orly terminals or Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport. This applies, for example, to several flights to Algiers or Casablanca scheduled for the evening.

“What is happening in Orly is unacceptable”

“What is happening in Orly is unacceptable” said Clement Bon this Thursday in front of the microphone of France Bleu Paris during a visit to the Gare du Nord. The authorized Minister of Transport considers that“you can’t have trouble sorting luggage for hours.” “I know that all the teams are very mobilized to fix the technical problem” he adds. The minister wants to reassure: “We are in the process of addressing this issue and finding solutions for people who are late or have difficulty flying.”.

“This is not at all on the scale of what we had last year”assures the minister, recalling the difficulties that arose during transportation and “Last year, 35,000 pieces of luggage were lost at Paris airports.” “We don’t have to go through these things for the Rugby World Cup or for the Olympics, or just for French and foreign tourists who travel and want to travel in good conditions”he concludes.

At the end of July, another accident caused chaos in Terminal 3 in the middle of the holiday departures.. More than 2,000 pieces of luggage could not be checked in and dumped in the lobby. According to ADP, it was a different computer glitch from the one on Thursday. This was resolved fairly quickly. This time, Aéroports de Paris asked the manufacturer of the baggage sorting system to send technical teams to the site.

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